Dax Ideal Edge Control 4oz (3 Pack)

Dax Ideal Edge Control is a hair styling product designed to tame and control unruly hair along the hairline and edges. The formula provides a strong, long-lasting hold that helps to keep hair in place all day. It also has a nourishing and hydrating formula that helps to improve the health and appearance of the hair. The creamy, non-flaky formula is easy to apply and works well on all hair types, including natural, relaxed, and braided hair. Whether you want to smooth down your hairline, create sleek and defined edges, or simply tame frizz, Dax Ideal Edge Control is the ideal solution for keeping your hair looking neat and polished.

Treats dry, damaged hair
Prevents hair damage
Enhances hair health
Rich in Omega-9 — Fatty acid that helps moisturize the scalp
For All hair types
Slick back hair and edges

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Dax Ideal Edge Control 4oz (3 Pack)

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